selected performances


Yehudi Wyner, Susan Davenny Wyner, and Timothy Paradise
Chamber music of Anton Webern and Yehudi Wyner
Carnegie Recital Hall


Featured soloist, Narragansett Records, Warner Bros., Los Angeles


Musical Elements Chamber Orchestra
Musical Directors: Daniel Asia, Robert Beaser, and Jim McElwaine
One of New York’s premiere contemporary chamber ensembles.
The music of Berio, Nono, Childs, Browne, Wolpe, Mizelle, Stockhausen, and Webern
Carnegie Recital Hall, Great Hall at Cooper Union, and Sheridan Square Theater

Musical Elements was a very successful experimental group. We emphasized thematic programming and a lively box office.


The New York Quintet
Keith Underwood, Jim McElwaine, Jonathan Haas, William Moersch, and Dennis Masuzzo
Another of New York’s best innovative chamber groups
The music of Miyoshi, Cionek, Mizelle, and Takemitsu
Japan House, Merkin Hall, and International Percussive Arts Society

The NY 5 (flutes, clarinets and saxophones, percussion, marimba, and double bass) was modelled on Keiko Abe’s Tokyo Quintet. We also made some of the earliest beta-recordings for Sony’s revolutionary F-1 (DASH) digital tape recorder.


John Post Productions, Raw Cream Productions, and NOLA Sound, NYC Series of TV and radio advertisements and industrial presentations, including KFC, Reebok, Zena, Chrysler, General Foods, National Geographic, Miller, Budweiser, Sears, and Hardee’s


Featured musician, Jim Henson’s Muppet Babies’ Talking Books


Dramatic performances with Joe Papp, Charles Ludlam, Randy Newman,  Kevin Kline, Barry Bostwick, Rob Joy, Mark Linn-Baker, Lola Pashalinski, Black-Eyed Susan, Mary Cleere Harran, Des McAnuff, Michael Starobin, Michael Roth, Larry Carpenter, Barry Keating, Rob Lowe, Peggy Shaw, Ann Crumb, Lewis Arlt, Bob Gunther, and Vernel Bagneris


The New York Art Ensemble
Jared Beynon, Edmund Cionek, and Preston Stahly
Numerous chamber artists including Alvin Brehm, Sato Moughalian and others.
Christ St. Stephen’s Church, Merkin Hall, Kosciusko Foundation, and Bar Harbor Festival

The New York Art Ensemble is a collective of three brilliant composers, who apply their visions and hallucinations to New York’s best musicians in a long-running series of evocative recitals.

1998 Featured soloist, Steven Spielberg’s Casper the Friendly Ghost

2004 Featured soloist on Tribute to the Grateful Dead, CMH Records

2005 Featured soloist  on The Age of Insects, Skandalous All Stars, Shanachie Records

2007 Featured soloist on Sunshine on Your Back Porch, Larchmont Records

2009 Featured soloist, Tribute to Michael Jackson, NYC

2008-2010 Featured soloist with Vinyl Life, CMJ Festival, NY


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